The Worst Client I Ever Had

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So I’ve been on a kick here recently about personal value and self-worth, and how if you do not have those you will let people walk over you and do whatever they want to you. A specific example that I got to thinking about this morning after someone commented on a post earlier, I had a client one time, this was back when I very first started doing SEO work and if I’m not mistaken this was the second client I ever received. So I was thrilled that someone called me through my website and wanted me to put together a proposal for them and come meet with them, so of course I did and we went had the meeting that day and I was so excited. But unfortunately, at that point in my life, I had no self-value with my SEO skills, so I was very nervous and I wanted to do whatever it would take to get the deal closed, well by doing that I gave all of the power in that negotiation over to the client.

So what ended up happening is I was going to charge him five thousand dollars a month, he wanted me to build him three web sites which I don’t build web sites, but no value, no self-worth, he was in complete control of this situation. By the time I was done with that negotiation I left his office with a check for $5,000, but not only was I building three websites, I was building a total of 60, yes that’s six zero landing pages. What this guy wanted was for his local company to rank in all these surrounding towns and areas around our city which is completely reasonable, normally you would build a website and then put inner pages for each town and then just work on the authority of the main web site, everything else ranks on its own, it’s fine and normal, that wasn’t how you wanted to do it.

This guy who’s a business owner knows nothing about SEO whatsoever, except the fact we were going to do things his way or it wasn’t going to get done at all, and me being weak and having no self-value let him take complete control of that situation and tell me what service I was going to provide for him. Needless to say I worked my tail off to build all these 60 properties out, and month number two he stopped paying me, he just took the logins to all the properties and then never heard from him again, so that was a terrible experience that I had at the very beginning of my career and it was devastating to say the least and very hard on my self-esteem, like I was crushed and kind of depressed for a little bit. Because I was counting on that, he was my biggest client at the time and I had just started the career field so that was like a kick in the teeth right out of the gate.

That being said I’ve read a book about two years later called pitch anything by Oren Klaff I believe it is, it is the best book I believe I’ve ever read about controlling and negotiation, about who has the power, how the power changes back and forth and how to take power, how the client takes the power back from you they call it framing, it is amazing, I would definitely recommend that book to anyone who even in the least bit enjoy psychology and negotiating.

But the whole point of this story is you got to have self-value or people walk over you no matter whether it’s in business, in life, in relationships just realize what you’re worth, it’s the hardest thing in the world to do and it’s very easy for me to say, but if you can realize what you’re worth then you can charge what you’re worth and it’s not just money currency but in life in general. If you got any comments on this please leave them at the bottom, if you’ve ever had a client or any situation that’s remotely close to that where you allowed someone to just walk over you, tell me about it. Otherwise, I hope you guys have a great day, we’ll talk soon.

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