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Which SEO Company Is Right For You?

With so much potential business on the line, you must be very careful that you choose the right SEO company. Every day that you are not actively trying to get your business to the top of Google’s search engine, your competition is. When you are not number 1, your competitors are. And, that is just money out of your pocket.

We have discovered seven points you need to consider when you start interviewing potential SEO companies.

1. How Big is Your Business

It is not fair for a small business to pay the same as a Fortune 500 company. Their goals and expectations are completely different. Therefore, the search engine optimization that needs to be performed should also be completely different. This is why the first step that Billet SEO takes is to assess your specific business and your specific needs. Each client is unique and so is their internet marketing strategy.

2. What Keywords Are You Targeting

How keywords are optimized on your website is a major factor in how search engine spiders find and rank your page. Part of the strategic planning session is to determine what keywords are most appropriate and have the highest potential value for your company. We will then analyze the content of your website and adjust accordingly.

3. How is The Customer Service?

The SEO contractor needs to have outstanding customer service and be easily accessible. You are going to have questions. And there is no worse feeling than giving some SEO agency your money, and then not being able to get in touch with them.

4. What is the Time Frame

Optimizing a website for the search engine doesn’t happen overnight. And, if anyone tells you they can… RUN!! That being said, it does take time. Like building a home, certain actions have to be taken in a certain order. Google rewards website who follow its rules. Depending on the competition, most websites can reach page one in 6+ months. An SEO expert is going to set the appropriate expectations at the first meeting.

5. How Much Does it Cost?

You get what you pay for! And there is no place this is any truer than trying to rank a website. There are some companies that will charge $99 a month, but they are going to spam your website and eventually get you banned from Google. On the other hand, as stated above, you should not have to pay the same as a huge national company if that is not what your company is.

6. How is The Work Performed?

Any upstanding and professional SEO business will not keep secrets from you behind their “proprietary” strategy. All links, web 2.0 properties and social media should be open and property of the customer. With Billet SEO, if you decide to stop services, all of the work that has been completed belongs to you. Your rankings will remain until your competition overtakes your position in Google.

7. What is the End Result?

More and more businesses are coming on board with Billet SEO because we deliver on what we say. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver. We will explain exactly what our team will do to increase your website’s exposure on Google and get the phone ringing or sales coming in.

Hopefully, you can use these tips during your interviews with potential SEO professionals. The more companies you interview the more you will understand why Billet SEO is the Premiere SEO agency.

If you are not number 1 your competition is!


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