Rip Off Report Removal

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Hey. I was looking on the internet and I saw what I think is one of the biggest scams and that’s a rip-off report. I believe it started out as a good theory, but people can abuse it. 

There’s no checks and balances on it. Anyone can put up a rip-off report on any company. You don’t have to have worked there. You don’t have to have done business with them. For whatever reason – you don’t like the logo – you can put a rip-off report up, and I think that’s unfair to business owners who are really trying hard.

I have a friend who had a rip-off report of someone he didn’t even know. It was funny, but they got mad at him. Somehow they were acquainted on Facebook. So yeah, a bunch of nonsense. But anyway, I just wanted to put that out there.

So if you see that you have a rip-off report come up under your company’s name, it may not mean that you did something bad. Get in contact with me and I’ll tell you how you can take that off. But anyway, this is Scott. Thanks for the time. Bye. 


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