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Digital Milwaukee Accounting Firm, JETRO and Associates was founded by technology fanatic, Mike Jesowshek CPA, with a goal to provide a digital solution for business looking to take it to the next level utilizing modern, cutting edge technology.

So many firms are set in the “old ways” of doing accounting. JETRO is breaking free from the traditional restrictive barriers, while maintaining the same core accounting principals. We set up all of our clients on cloud accounting system Xero or Quickbooks Online.

This involves migrating the day-to-day accounting work onto an online platform that allows both JETRO and our clients to work on financials seamlessly from any computer/tablet/phone anywhere. There is no downloading of software or transferring of files. Banking data is download and updated to the cloud based software on a daily basis.

By utilizing cloud technology, JETRO is able to bring our clients accounting into the 21st century. This allows us to provide valuable services to our client’s in a timelier manner through improved communication and workflow.

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12605 W North Ave #232

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Our intention is to take all of the accounting and bookkeeping stress out of your life!!! This frees you up to worry about what’s important.

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