Three Easy Tips for Doctors and Surgeons to Attract More Patients Using SEO

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Your practice’s goal is probably to attract more patients at as low a cost as possible. In this day and age it means using the internet and search engines.

By following these search engine optimization tips, your office is one step closer to harnessing the almost limitless power of the internet.

1) Build a Rich and Engaging Website.

To build a high converting website is as much art as it is science. There are no step-by-step guides for this. By looking at what your competition is doing and how their website looks and feels will help you go a long way to creating this. But, there are some time tested foundational pillars you must follow.

Have high-quality content. This means write articles that are engaging and educational. People come to your website to learn more about solving their medical condition and to see if you are the doctor who can do this. 77% of patients start research on their condition online.

Choosing of the doctor is an important step in a patients journey to health. So, your website is the first touch in this process.

Some of the common questions a patient may ask when choosing a doctor is:

  • Do they accept my insurance?
  • Are they an expert in my condition?
  • Will they accept new patients?
  • How far away is the office?

Even though these questions are fundamental, patients also want a provider who is likable. They will determine this by looking at social media and ratings.

Your website and profile is your first chance to make a good impression.

There is certain information you can add to your page to help show “who you really are.”

  • Such as simply creating videos of you talking about anything at all. The potential patient gets to see your mannerism and level of humor.
  • List your hobbies
  • Personal biography
  • Any published works
  • Philosophy of caring for patients

All of these can be differentiating factors when it comes to the patient choosing a new doctor.

2) Build a Solid Technical SEO Plan

Even though well written and engaging web pages that provide value are rewarded with higher rankings in search engines, you must have your technical game spot on as well to get to number 1.

When it is all said and done, search engines are only computer programs that read data. So, the webpage itself has to have certain elements Google recognizes.

  • A simple straight forward URL structure. Do not use excess words here.
  • Meta keywords and Description needs to be filled out completely and thematically for your website’s goals.
  • Always use Schema.org markup
  • Optimize photos and videos with appropriate sizes and use keyword tags

3) Off Page SEO is the Last Pillar


One ranking factor that is not going anywhere is the foreseeable future is backlinks. High quality back links are the life blood of any web marketing strategy. Doctors and physicians need to be aware if a high quality website says your website is quality by giving it a backlink, Google says this must be a good site, so lets move it up in the search engine.

Make sure to claim all citations for your medical office or clinic. These are factors that can increase your ranking as well.

Social Media provides a two pronged approach. One, it gets the word out to the masses. Two, it provides links back to your site. When your social media account grows. It is more likely to get shared and become viral. If and when this happens, thousands of social media links can get sent back to your site. When search engines see this happening, they immediately know your content is valuable and will reward you accordingly.

This is pretty much the pillars of Doctor SEO. If you are too busy to implement this yourself, we would love to discuss a custom strategy for you office or clinic.

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