Do You Really Value Yourself?

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I’ve been reaching out to other SEO agencies for the past few weeks; my goal is to try to offer my services under white label subscription. What this means is that they would do the selling and then I would do the fulfilling, so no work on their part past the sales phase. The thing I’ve learned and found most interesting is the prices that some of these agencies are charging, as in as low as just a few hundred dollars a month to do the SEO work and get these clients ranking. So when I’ve come back with what is an accurate gauge of what my work is really worth, they are losing their minds.

So what that’s showing me, so in essence they’re getting a client, they’re saying yes we will help generate you an additional hundred thousand dollars a month in revenue, but you’ve got to pay us two hundred ninety nine dollars a month for the work, like how does that even make sense, that you are buying the low budget. If you go to look at a dealership and you’re looking at a Rolls Royce, I just heard someone use this analogy and I thought it was great, all right let me rephrase it. If I tell you I have a Rolls-Royce for sale and I’ll offer it for $5,000, you’re going to be like what’s wrong with it? Exactly. So that’s the same concept, if you’re telling me that you can create an additional hundred thousand dollars a month in revenue for my business and you’re going to do it for $299, seems to me like there’d be something wrong with that.

Those SEO agencies they’re just aren’t valuing the work that they’re actually doing, they don’t see what they’re providing to the marketplace so and it’s just very sad that that is all they think they’re worth. Because how much would you pay per month if you could get an additional hundred thousand dollars in revenue, five or ten grand a month you wouldn’t bat an eye at it because you’re getting a ten to twenty times ROI. So I was just thinking about that and it was on my mind so I wanted to post about it, if you have worked with an agency in the past who has charged super low prices, have you had good results out of it post in the comments and I’m just interested to see what some other people’s take on this is, otherwise thank you so much for taking time to watch this video and I will keep them coming, have a wonderful day.

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